Coach Tom consoling a playerThe Rochester Special Hockey, members of Special Hockey International – a division of USA Hockey; is an organization that specializes in providing training in the game of ice hockey for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Rochester Ice Cats organization has an active roster of 38 players. These individuals, both male and female, range in age from 8 years to 40 years young. They are enthusiastic and enjoyable to be associated with smiles galore. They give 100% at all times, during both practice and games, and are always willing and able to learn new skills. Our team is geared to individual needs with an emphasis on sportsmanship and learning to interact with others. We are a 501c3 Not for Profit volunteer organization, with support coming from all our families, both as coaches, trainers, drivers and most of all fans.

One of our goals is to keep all cost to a minimum, with the expectations that all players will by responsible for their $65.00 fee to join USA Hockey. The Rochester Ice Cat organization supplies equipment for those in need, this is done through donations both from the public and private sector.

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