Fact Sheet


• Rochester Special Hockey is a 501c3 nonprofit, charitable organization offering ice hockey instruction to individuals with developmental, cognitive and learning disabilities who reside in Monroe County and the surrounding counties.

• Rochester Special Hockey has been in existence for 21 years and has worked with over 300 individuals, helping them to develop skills in the socialization, ice hockey, teamwork and responsibility – striving to instill self-worth and satisfaction in individual and team accomplishments

• Rochester Special Hockey is open to all, male and female, all ages and abilities with individual instruction available, if required. Our players range from 5 years to 50 years young

• Rochester Special Hockey team is a member of the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) and is one of 75 programs in North America

• Skill development not only in athletics but socialization, behavior and interaction with fellow players who have a range of disabilities. Our focus is for development of the person with added therapeutic value.

• Rochester Special Hockey participate(s) in games with local High School and adult teams in Monroe County, including: Victor High School, Greece Lighting (Greece Olympia and Greece Arcadia High Schools),
Webster Schroeder High School, McQuaid High School and others.

• Rochester Special Hockey attends games and tournaments in the United States and Canada and playing 12-15 games annually against similar programs. Games are set up based on similar skills and abilities with the focus being “FUN”

• Rochester Special Hockey will assist players and families with equipment needs, maintaining an inventory of gently used equipment.

• Rochester Special Hockey sponsors an annual “Friendship Tournament” with participating teams from both the USA and Canada.

• We pride ourselves on being a fiscally sound and an involved community action group.

• We are member of the United Way of Rochester #3345