April 6 & 7, 2019, Bill Gray’s Regional IceplexPlease check if your Team is a “A” or “B” team (see list at the bottom of the table).All Games will start the clock at the Scheduled Start time and run for 50 min. with No Stops.No Scores will be posted.Coaches from both teams will decide how much time between line changes (recommended 2 min.).”A” teams can change on the fly…

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A & B Teams


Cambridge Ice Hounds A

Detroit MORC A

Ottawa Special Hockey A

Rochester Ice Cats A


1 Albany Cougars B

2 Buffalo Thunder B1

3 Buffalo Thunder B2

4 Cambridge Ice Hounds B

5 Cleveland Rockin Wildcats B

6 Detroit MORC B

7 Durham Dragons B

8 Lehigh Valley Polar Bears B

9 Niagara Ice Dogs B

10 NJ Daredevils B

11 Ottawa Special Hockey B

12 Rochester Ice Cats B

13 Southern Conn Strom B

14 York Polar Bears B