To all players, families, coaches and friends of Rochester Special Hockey,

As we draw near to the end of another season which has been quite different and challenging. Our hope is that during the year we have met your expectations even though we have been restricted from traveling and playing games. This year for me personally has been one of great reward, seeing improvement in players from simple skating to overall skills and processing for the game of hockey.

The program for Rochester Special Hockey is celebrating its 25th year anniversary which is a great milestone. In these years we have seen growth in numbers, players skills and friendships created. There have been times that we have been tested and challenged but we have persevered and shown to be resilient. Rochester Special Hockey was formed, all those years ago, with a main focus on being the best way to provide life experience and positive growth to our players, families and friends and I like to think that we were able to accomplish that goal.

Now, as with all things there comes a time for moving on and that time has come for me. At the end of this season March 2021, I am retiring from my role as coach and president of Rochester Special Hockey. These past years have meant more to me than you can know. The friendships, experiences, trips and memories that have been made will be with me forever. I want to thank especially the players, families and Rochester Special Hockey for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful team and group. Our time together has allowed me to get to know you all and has opened my heart for you to be my adoptive son’s and daughter’s. Even though I will still be around I will miss you all.

Questions may arise on moving forward into the future but I can advise that we do have a plan for this. At this time, it is my honor to introduce two men who have been with the program and who will be taking over the ice portion, game planning and other aspects. They are Jeff Chopan and Ryan Konko. These men have both been with us and have expressed a desire to not let the program cease. You may have seen them this year running more ice drills and working with our players. I am quite sure that Rochester Special Hockey is secure for the future. Along with Jeff and Ryan our Board of Director is also continuing to keep the focus on our program for its longevity.

My prayer for you is that God will give you peace in your hearts and keep you safe as you face the world and all the challenges that are out there. Keep playing the game and enjoy your time on the ice with your friends, family, coaches and all.

Thank you

Coach Tom